Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nothing that is can pause or stay; The moon will wax, the moon will wane, The mist and cloud will turn to rain, The rain to mist and cloud again, Tomorrow be today. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Looking across the Stump Pass channel towards Knight Island to the south.  The channel was dredged in 2010 to make the pass deeper.  The dredged sand was used to build up the south end of Stump Pass State Park.

All it takes is one little tropical storm named Debby and 3.76 million dollars worth of sand gets shifted to the west.

The sandbar has shifted to the west of it's previous location.  You can see the little spit of sand just past the stumps.

The south end of Stump Pass State Park has easily tripled in width since Tropical Storm Debby last July. Prior to the storm the trees were on the edge of the water.

Only a mile walk down from the main entrance to the park beachcombers reap the rewards of sharks teeth and shells for their efforts.

Australian Pines stand tall against the sky.       (taken with my iPhone)

Stump Pass is my happy place.  I walk out to the end a few times each month.  The changes over the last year are really intriguing to watch.  Thankfully, the channel is still deep enough for boater's to traverse safely.

The Red Tide can only keep me off the beach for so long. I'll keep enjoying this sandbar while it's here.  Who knows where it will end up after the summer storms kick in.


  1. I really enjoy your posts.....The photos are really wonderful! You always inspire me.... :D

  2. Can't wait to be there again, and I'll happily take the sand wherever it decides to rest, lol.

  3. Sure would like to visit that spot someday. Love the photo of the Australian pines.

  4. Isn't it amazing how much a beach can change from one visit to the next? I'm always like WOW this is different than last time! at our favorite beach. I'd love to visit your Stump Pass....one of these days I will :) Thanks for sharing the changes at your favorite spot!

  5. Your photos are lovely. I live on the coast of California and it is fun to see Australian beaches. I also love the blog beachcomber because of her lovely Australia beach photos.


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