Friday, September 3, 2010

If a tree falls on Stump Pass and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Another beach betcha. My day off this week was Friday and I decided to play today. I live 10 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida (IMHO) . Stump Pass is a state park.  It costs $3.00 to park all day and they close promptly at sunset.   The ranger shoos you off as soon as the sun sets. He doesn't even give you time to absorb the beauty of what you just saw.  Okay folks, shows over.  You can stay but you can't stay here. But I wasn't out for a sunset today so Stump Pass it was. I stopped at the Circle K on Englewood Beach and grabbed a bag of trail mix & an extra large Diet Pepsi and drove to the south end of Englewood Beach to Stump Pass.

 After, I got set-up on the beach I decided that it was such a nice day with a cooler-than-it-has-been breeze that I would walk south to the pass, something I had never done. I've been close but was stopped by a thunderstorm.  It's 1 1/2 miles to the pass and it took me a couple hours there and back.
The Stumps of Stump Pass - heading to the south end of the beach
Hundreds of stumps
This is where I was walking from - looking north
Birds were everywhere
If I was a bird, I'd hangout here too
I was climbing over roots and trees to get this far
I made it! This is the pass.  That is Knight's Island across the pass.  You can only get there by boat.
Walking back - more feathered friends