Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Book is a Present You Can Open Again & Again

I love books almost as much as I love sea shells. I have always been a reader.  As a young girl I learned early on that I could travel anywhere or I could be anybody as long as I had my nose in a book. So now on the sunny-side of middle age I find myself quite the frustrated librarian.

 I have a huge entertainment/storage center that is the home to hubby's big honkin' tv and my books. I also have a bookshelf in my bedroom for all my special & collectible books. Most of what I collect is non-fiction.  My favorite being anything on shells, shell craft, or sea life particularly Florida. I especially love digging around in thrift stores and garage sales for a good buy. Who doesn't like paying .50 cents for a $19.95 book in the name of resourcing?
The price says $1.50 but the copyright is 1970 when prices were a little cheaper. That same book would be at least $5.00 today brand new.
$3.99 for a R. Tucker Abbott book that was originally $14.95

Anyone who has been garage salen or perusing thrift stores for any amount of time has seen books just crammed in boxes with no method to the madness.  You have to usually squat down to a box of books on the floor  or kneel down to the bottom of a dusty shelf and start methodically digging for whatever you have your eye out for.

Goodwill has finally solved that problem. Goodwill has  dedicated some of their thrift stores exclusively to books. They are neat, clean, & categorized.  The prices are great too. I have one smack dab across the street from my work and it is a regular lunch hour stop for me. I head right for where they keep the books on shells.   Here's a link to find out if there is a Goodwill Bookstore near you.
Goodwill Bookstores categorize all their books to make your book hunting more successful
My best shell books are by the late Conchologist & founding director of the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum R. Tucker Abbott.  His books have great pictures and although he was called "Mr. Shell" by his peers he wrote his books for the shell enthusiast not fellow scientists. So it is safe to say that I have a pretty healthy collection of shell books. I. just. can't. help. myself! 
"Florida's Fabulous Beaches" is my favorite shelling book

I love the vintage looking covers
The 1st Sanibel book I ever aquired is to the left - Capt. Mike Fuery's & it's even signed
I got this treasure for .50 cents at a garage sale
If you get tired of shell books, There are some great online sites to help you identifiy your shells. The best is probably The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum site. It is easy to use and has great pictures. There are also lots of online sites to buy used shell books like AlibrisAmazon, & good ole eBay.