Monday, July 2, 2012

Shift Happens

The first tropical storm of the 2012 storm season -Debby - blew in, hovered over Florida for 3 days, then blew out leaving many SWFL beaches rearranged. The southern end of Manasota Key was dredged 2 years ago to open up Stump Pass and deepen the channel to allow boats to travel through without getting beached on the shoals building up by the constantly shifting sands.  The dredging was a success but thanks to the storm the pass has become shallow again.  Further north on Manasota Key, Blind Pass Beach (not Sanibel-Captiva) has a swath of new sandbars cut into the beach. Good news to sharks tooth hunters.  It hardly seems a week ago we were all hunkered down with tornado warnings, rain squalls, & flooding.  But the sun is shining again and SWFL is back to normal. 

 Lest we all forget there was a storm, Here's a video I took last Monday.  I donned my slicker and hiked the mile out to the end of Stump Pass to see if my junonia had washed in yet.  It had not & I had to skeedaddle out of there before my path was completely under the storm surge roaring in with the high tide.

Blind Pass Beach on Manasota Key  has had a storm make-over.  The sandbars stretch along the entire beach now.

The shoreline is even better with the addition of the newly-formed sand bars for finding sharks teeth. (till the next storm)

The bottom of the sandbar trench is full of sharks teeth, shells, & fossils.

Full moon tomorrow & minus low tides every night this week .  Life is good.