Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet. – Bob Marley

The weather here on the Gulfcoast of Florida has been spectacular. Brilliant sunny skies & a  nice cool breeze. I know this because my job takes me outside the building and into the parking lot to unlock the propane cage for customers to purchase their refill. While I am waiting for said customer to navigate the parking lot to the propane cage I stand in the blazing sun gazing into the blue sky  wondering to myself  why I didn't call in to work and just ditch this place for the beach today? Then I remember...Oh, ohhhh,  I am a responsible adult with bills to pay...that's why, big duh! 

It doesn't help that all the customers are shopping in beach clothes flaunting their sunburns, flip flops & cute beach cover-ups. I'm on work day #7 with 3 more to go. I tell you what...the beach bag is packed, the legs are shaved and Thursday morning I am Sanibel bound to the Shell Show & the sand bar. 

Here's a bunch of crazy beach goers. I first posted about flash mobs back in December. Flash mobs are a social phenomenon that started popping up here & there about 5 years ago. You see them globally now. A well rehearsed group of dancers or people with a plan plant themselves among unsuspecting normal people in a public place. They pop up & sneak attack/perform their song or some other group performance art like just standing still like a statue. When it ends, they all go back to what they were doing like nothing ever happened. Meanwhile onlookers stare in disbelief while their brains go tilt and try to grasp what has just happened.  IT'S AWESOME!!   This one will put you in the mood for springtime & the beach.