Friday, November 19, 2010

Going a Little Coastal This Christmas

There is a fine line separating those of us who collect and those folks who make it on to reality tv shows like "Hoarders" & "Clean Sweep". Every collector sooner or later runs into the problem of space. Our mantra is "I know I have one of those - I just can't find it". All my stuff is in tubs. I have a storage locker filled with the niece  Pookie on one side, my mom GeeGee on the other, & me. The Hubbs even has a box or two. I hate to keep my treasures packed away but I only have so much space. 

 To resolve the issue somewhat I picked up a neat  old hutch to use for storage and display.  I saw the hutch at a tag sale. It had what I thought was $150.00 dollars written on the price tag.  In an effort to get the seller to step his price down a tad I started asking about the hutch and the price.  The seller quips at  me "Lady, it's 15 bucks - how much lower do you want me to go?" SOLD Darlin -  I slapped the money into his hand and carried my new hutch home where we now revolve  displays around the seasons or holidays or whatever else strikes our fancy. 

The hutch is currently full of shells

My salt & pepper shakers
2008 Was a White Christmas with lots of cardinals

Last Xmas was a vintage display with our 60's plastic collectibles

So this is my inspiration piece for this year's holiday decorating. I found this little village at TJ Maxx on my lunch hour and of course could not resist. I am going to play off it's aqua blue & pinky reds when I decorate for the holidays. I'm going a little coastal this Christmas. 

This week  I'll be going through my tubs of ornaments and decorations at my storage unit and locating all my seashell ornaments.  I'm sure you have some too so meet me back here next Friday for my first linky party to display your favorite seashell Christmas ornament  and even better - Are you making any this year? - share those too. Let's all work together to make Christmas a jollier holiday one shell at a time.

Wishing you all the  joys of the season with beach sand between your toes!