Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Honey Do List

A day off from work...what to do, what to do? I'm going to try to get caught up on all my loose ends such as laundry, clean the bathroom, catch up on my reading but I decide that I'm out of raw honey so I am going to run out to the local beekeeper and replenish my supply.
You have to know where you are going

I lived in the same county of Florida my entire life. I have never had allergies or sinus headaches.  My aunt would complain about her sinus headaches and I had no sympathy at all for her (cowgirl up!) until I moved 150 miles south. My first spring in our new city was sinus torture.  Everything was in bloom - palm trees, orange blossoms, even the weeds. I always try to find a natural remedy before I head for the medicine cabinet. My solution was to find a local beekeeper that sells raw honey. 

 Raw honey has not been heated to pasteurize it therefore it still has all the pollens in it.They do filter the honey so all the foreign particles has been cleaned up somewhat. By taking a couple of tablespoons every day I have eventually built up a tolerance to the local pollens and no longer have any issues with pollen seasons. 

 My mom who is not supposed to have sugar is convinced that honey is God's way of saying "Eat it as sweet as you want".  She uses honey on everything.

 Local honey is always different depending on what has been in bloom.  My favorite is the Brazilian pepper but I also like the Saw Palmetto honey.  The honey de jour was Orange Blossom.
There are still trusting people in this world

I got the 3 pounder on the top shelf for 10 bucks...come on!

As I was leaving the honey guy's house and heading back home to start on my honey do list of chores I had an amazingly brilliant  thought.  I was 15 minutes away from Boca Grande.  Come on.  I can just pop out to the beach for a little while :)  So down Placida Road and over the Boca Grande Causeway I went.

 I walked out by the main beach to see what was going on.  The tide was turning high & coming back in strong.  Boca Grande is not the best swimming beach.  It is usually very rough and the tides can be super strong. The main beach was void of shells so I drove to the very end where the pass separates Gasparilla Island (that Boca Grande is on)  from Cayo Costa Island to Gasparilla Island State Park.

The boardwalk to the main beach

That's the north end of Cayo Costa across the pass.
  This is where all the big Tarpon tournaments happen.

The tide was really churning, not a day to swim for sure.  I walked the beach and found a handful of nice shark's teeth.  Now, I knew I had to get going home or I would get nothing accomplished today.

 Next to the parking lot on the south end of the beach is the Port Boca Grande Light Museum & Visitor's Center.

OK, the pain is in the resistance.  I have not done anything on my list but scored the honey so I might as well have fun and check out the museum. The suggested donation of  $2.00  gets me inside the museum and it is filled with cool vintage memorabilia all displayed to tell the story of how the island was settled. 
The museum to the right -  Ranger's house to the left
My favorite places on the planet
The displays are really interesting & informative
Old pilot's log from 1913
My favorite
Nice Junonia up top to the left
Even the museum has a personalized Tervis Tumbler
Front porch of the museum with a telescopic viewer
OK, now I'm really heading home except the little  beachside chapel is calling to me. So I stop and have a little walkabout there.
This park is so nice & quiet
I love the sound of church bells.
Heading home - That's the Lighthouse up ahead
I've played long enough -No stopping - I took this pic driving by
Here comes the rain -That's the southern end of Don Pedro Island
Hubby just called - Now I'm off to Walmart
I still feel very accomplished - there's always tomorrow

Not all who wander are lost. J. R. R. Tolkien