Monday, January 23, 2012

TEB went to Sanibel and all she brought me was this awesome t-shirt.

Oh my goodness ya'll!  I felt so guilty about going to Sanibel today without you - well I just had to get you something.  Okay, at least one person will get something.  The island is gearing up for one big shelling party - Shellabration 2012 honors the  75th anniversary of The Sanibel Shell Fair & Show.  From February 17th through March 4th the Island will be shellabrating from ding to dong (or Darling) If you would like to join in by wearing a Shellabration 2012 t-shirt here's all you have to do:

-leave me a comment sharing which sea shell is your favorite.

-for a 2nd entry, turn a friend on to TEB.  Have them leave a comment telling me you sent them over.

I'll announce the winner of the Shellabration 2012 t-shirt on February 1, 2012.

This is what Blind Pass on Sanibel looks like  before sunrise.  My partner-in-shelling-crime this morning (very early morning) is my cousin  Beach Babe.  She's a farm girl from Ohio so she gets up with the chickens every morning anyhow. She didn't blink an eye when I told her I would pick her up at 3am for the 2 hour ride to Sanibel.  Armed with our flashlights we started our assault on the sandbars of Blind Pass at 5 am.
Beach Babe & I had already walked the entire perimeter when the late-comers started arriving at 6am. 
The headlamps & flashlights  started descending from the Sanibel side of the beach.
Beach Babe gets her first taste of a minus .08 low tide.  The out-going tide is carrying a myriad of shells swiftly past her feet.
The bridge connects Sanibel on the south to Captiva to the north. It's about a 100 yard walk across the bridge to see if they have better shelling on the Turner Beach side.
The beach wakes up.

This sky is the reward of pre-dawn beach combing.

Beautiful calm morning on the Sanibel side of the pass.

I'm standing on the sand bar facing  the jetty on Turner Beach (Captiva side of Blind Pass).  The sand bar crosses the entire pass.

The 8am shellers have shown up.  Some of them actually thought they got a jump on things.  The tide has already turned and is rising.

Armed with tools these shellers leave no part of the  sand bar unexamined.
Sorry Beach Babe... occupato.
But Wait!  There's more!

After we conquered the sand bars, it's on to the shell pile next to the jetty.  

Knees slightly bent - derriere  pointed skyward - Classic Sanibel Stoop.  On February 17th Shellabration 2012 will be on Bowman's Beach at 10 am to set a Guinness World Book of Records for the most shellers doing the Sanibel Stoop at one time.

See ya at the Stoop!