Sunday, October 21, 2012

Update on the Red Tide Algae Bloom

The shell trees are doing just fine on Stump Pass.

On Friday afternoon I walked the mile out to the end of Stump Pass to see about the red tide.  It was a beautiful beach day but looks can be deceiving.  I was coughing the red tide hacking cough that tickles the back of your throat. Although there were no new fish washed up on the shore, the wrack line is filled with sun-dried fish of all sorts and sizes.  I also saw a few dead seagulls on the sand.  The highest onshore concentrations of the red tide are at Blind Pass Beach (not Sanibel) on Manasota Key. That's about 3 miles north up the coast from Stump Pass. The clean-up looks good but it ain't over yet.

 For the most current info go to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission website.

Manasota Key is at the southern most boundry of Sarasota County.

In between coughing, I did manage to pick up a few goodies.  Lots of sharks teeth out there.

Oh how I love surprises!! A new friend of mine read the post on Dr. Gary Greenberg & his amazing photography of magnified beach sand.  She found a copy online for me.  Shell Sistahs are the best friends evah!  Thank you Jenny!