Friday, March 16, 2012

Wherever you go - there you are!

As a beach comber, I have developed a pretty good eye for shells.  Even off the beach I can spot them a mile away.  While looking at a home for sale with a friend I caught the color of something beachy through a severely overgrown avocado tree that screened of the neighbor's yard.  As I stuck my head through to the other side to take a closer look I was greeted with a friendly "Hey there".  (So much for privacy on your carport) Sitting outside enjoying an afternoon beverage were a husband & wife snowbird couple who live in Englewood six months of the year and Canada the other six months.  They are heading back home after Easter.  

The fruit of their daily beach walk labors was displayed on every table surface of their carport.  They kindly let me examine their shelling treasures more closely.  After chit chatting for a few minutes the lady runs inside to get a pretty shell that she couldn't identify.  Yup, I saw this one coming.  She walks out with a pretty cream-colored, brown-speckled shell.  "It's called a junonia & only 1 out of a 1,000 shellers find one" I said as nicely as I could muster.  "No, I've never found one" I answered flatly to the inevitable follow-up question. "But, that's awesome that you found one".  She was nice enough to tell me exactly where she found it.  I am planning a kayak trip to scout the area to see if she missed one.

Sea glass, sharks teeth, angel wing, flat scallop, brain coral & a big bowl of calico scallops - these snowbirds have had a productive winter season.
Nicely displayed.

Row after row...
Sharks teeth served Englewood -style.  But wait, there's more!

We save the best for last -The Pièce de résistance.