Monday, March 28, 2011

The greatest wastes are unused talents and untried ideas." Source Unknown

GeeGee was a depression baby who grew up during WWII.  She either reuses, recycles, or saves everything. To this day I'll go through the cabinets while she is out of the house and get rid of 10 to 15 glass jars that she has washed & peeled the labels off of.(I don't throw them all away just the ones that fall on my toes when I try to grab a box of cereal)  They are all jammed in the kitchen cabinets awaiting little dabs of whatever leftover du jour she is saving for another meal.

 "Money doesn't grow on trees!" our mothers & fathers quip about any wasteful use of anything. Well, guess what! Waste all the shells you want because I found out - Shells do grow on trees! Pick up as many as you want. Give them away. Make something pretty out of them. Put them in your garden. Throw a big handful up into the air and yell "Weeeee!!".  Shells do grow on trees. I have proof.
Shell tree on Stump Pass

Lots of shell wishes

Sitting in the shell crush looking for sharks teeth

One of my shell sistahs & new blogging buddy Carla says putting a shell on the tree is like blowing out birthday candles - you are supposed to make a wish.  OK, I wish everyone gets to walk on the beach and put a shell on a shell tree this year.