Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Are you guys ready? Let's roll!" -- Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer, apparently as a signal to other passengers to attack the hijackers, Sept. 11.

Isn't that how we remember all life-changing events - where were you? I remember where I was on the morning of 9/11. I was just waking up sitting in my chair drinking my first cup of coffee of the day watching The Today Show. I remember the feeling of incredulousness sweep over me as I stared at the second plane plowing into the tower. I just couldn't believe my eyes. Was this some sick reality tv show?  But it wasn't.  Over the next days and weeks, along with the rest of the county I sank into a cloud of anger and grief over the staggering loss of life and annihilation. 

 So here we are 10 years later.  A memorial is ready to be opened on the spot of the former devastation.  The news channels are filled with stories of resilience, resolve, & lives put back together for the loved ones of those we lost on 9/11. We are not a perfect country but we are gifted at overcoming adversity. The memories of that horrible day have faded somewhat but we will always remember that the NYC skyline is forever changed & as Americans - so are we.