Thursday, May 16, 2013

May the flop be with you.


Well, I guess everything has a shelf life.  Yesterday was a doleful day for me.  My favorite Havaianas flip flops finally bit the dust.  As I was shopping in the grocery store I felt my flip go flop.  The thong snapped clean off - not fixable - no way - no how.  Not my favorite hot pink, glow-in-the -dark Havianas, Wah!  I got them in a Beall's clearance rack at 70% off and I loved them from the first time I wore them.  Just squishy enough, comfy between the toes & glow-in-the-dark too!  Come On! 

 Dang! Now I'm walking barefooted on the yucky grocery store floor as I finish up my shopping.  I had placed my busted flip flops conspicuously in the basket so people would not think I purposely came in barefoot.  Kids & teenagers can get away with that tackiness in our little beach town but when you are over 50 - not so much.  As I checked out I whined to the cashier about my broken flip flops. Really, I was letting the entire line know that I really did have shoes on when I came in the store (like they really care right). The cashier sympathized  "Well Honey, at least you don't have on pajama pants.  I can handle barefoot, it's those pajama pants in public that are so uncouth."  Thank the Lord I don't even own any.  My fashion sense is still somewhat intact.

So the search begins for new flip flops.  Of course I have back ups and spare pairs but they are not the same.  OK, don't make that face at me again or I'll slap you with my flip flop.

You served me well dear flip flops.  I couldn't bear to throw them away at the store.  They are still in the back of my truck till I figure out a respectful disposal.

My favorite Havaianas on a better day.