Friday, October 21, 2011

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. - Mark Twain

The Gulf of Mexico was rocking & rolling after the tropical low blew through on Tuesday morning.  Serious beachcombers know this is prime time for us to find shells & shark's teeth from deeper waters that get tossed up from the strong surf.

The waves were just pounding the beach.  The sand dunes were holding their own.  

The waves have washed most of the debris & dead fish left by the recent red tide back out to sea. 

As I walked farther north up the beach my throat started to get that hacky-red tide cough.  There were still  fish scattered about.

Time to turn around because I am coughing & my tongue is tingling from some lingering red tide in the air.

Another reason to walk a little faster - I'm glad my girl scout training prompts me to always carry a poncho in my pack.

We are all in denial.  No sun, red tide, 6-8 foot waves, & a rainstorm blowing in...... but yet we stay on the beach.

I'm just saying.......