Friday, August 27, 2010

Here Comes The Sun (for an hour at least)

I spent part of last Sunday on the beach and it was a great day. As the sun went down the raindrops started falling and didn't stop until today. One friend told me her rain gauge measured 10 inches for one day.

 Now we always need the rain. Florida is coming out of a long drought and our aquifer levels are still recovering but it's been raining for 4 days....come on. When I saw the  Sun peak out today around 10 am I grabbed my shell shovel and headed for the beach. It was a full moon last night and it was now low tide - grocery shopping would just have to wait.
The sun is trying to peak out

As I read all the beachy blogs out there most of the comments express the same they love to see all the pictures of the shells and the beaches but the longing of wanting to actually be there themselves. It stinks to have to wait for a once a year vacation to get to the beach.

  I feel so blissfully blessed to have this beautiful Gulf of Mexico 5 minutes from my home. I took this video today while I was standing in that pounding surf. I wanted to share the sound of the waves and hope that somehow you can feel a little of the sand between your toes and smell that salty air. 
 The rain and stormy water did the usual wearing down of the sand wall at Stump Pass. Not to worry because it always rebuilds itself sooner or later.I was in the water sifting with my shovel but the surf was just so rough I was getting beat up.  As I was taking a breather from the water I looked a little closer at the sand wall. I started seeing teeth everywhere.

 A blogger friend Pam from  i Love says you have to train your eyes to look for teeth and not shells. That's really true.
The sand wall - The waves washed about 2 feet of sand away

After a closer inspection I realized there were quite a few shark's teeth in the wash
Where the sand had eroded downward, all the teeth were sitting right on top of the drying sand...woo hoo!
Closer view - see it to the left
I only had an hour because I had to be at work by 3pm and still had to go grocery shopping.  
I walked the wall for an hour
As I skeedaddled off the beach to get my errands done before work I stopped to shower the sand off myself . What does that sign say?
The shower station on Stump Pass
Be Careful? Oh heck yeah! I guess the bees have had enough rain because they weren't at the shower.
Thanks for the warning!
See the hugh-mungo tooth I found. I also found a nice little tulip, a piece of a big tulip, and a jingle for Rhonda (aka Shellbelle)
Not bad for an hour
Not in the best shape but it's a big one
This big shark's tooth is not in the best shape but I'm not going to diss a big tooth like this. In the jar you go buddy.  So off to Sweetbay, then to McDonald's for 2 - $1.00 iced teas with 5 Splendas & a lemon. I fib &  tell my Mom it's sweet but I know she's on to me. Jump in the shower and off to work. Life is good.
Next to a smaller tooth
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