Monday, January 17, 2011

“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

The Hubbs made the card to the front left

One tradition that I never sway from is taking my birthday week off from work. I started taking a birthday vacation every year  7 years ago.   It just makes sense. Instead of squeezing all my festivities into one day - I spread them out over the entire week. I know, brilliant idea. I also have time to try the new age on and wear it a while to get comfortable.

 Now, my mom - GeeGee still thinks I'm a kid. She really doesn't even know her own age. Just ask her. She will purse her lips and the eyes roll skyward  like a number is going to magically appear over her head.  Then she does "the calculation".  It's the same every time.  She asks me how old I am and adds 21 to that because she does remember she was 21 yo when she gave birth to her firstborn child. Then the shock of how old she is sets in and gets worse when she realizes I am old enough to now pick her nursing home.  (HeeHee...behave yourself)
What's a birthday without lots of good food to eat

So, I have had a great birthday so far. GeeGee & Pookie made an awesome Sunday dinner of black bean cakes with fresh papaya & strawberry salad, carrot slaw, baked squash, & flat bread. One of my bff's stopped by to join us. And presents too.  The Hubbs made me a beautiful card on the computer. Wait till you see the picture of his present to me - so cool. 
This is how I roll!
New beach bag & aqua socks

 My present to myself was a blog makeover.   Not a complete nip & tuck - just a little rejuvenator.  I love what Julie from Deluxe Designs has done with place. 

Deluxe Designs

The birthday love is coming at me from all sides.  My fb page had 40-something birthday wishes from family & friends.  A really special post came from my shell sistah Shellbelle over at the Tiki Hut.  

Sunday afternoon after dinner Pookie took me to Englewood Beach for a little sharks tooth therapy.
I don't know if it's eyesight or more comfortable to look for sharks teeth this way

Happy Birthday to me!

This morning I went out before dawn & hit Nokomis Beach for the early low tide. The shells weren't great but it was so beautiful out there.  I did find another little piece of junonia. (I might make a junonia jigsaw puzzle with all my pieces) This little guy gave me a shout out.
All the fun people are out before dawn

Trying to peak out of the coming rain clouds - about 8am
The shell pile at the North Jetty on Nokomis Beach
No I am not throwing you any potato chips - Hello

 Not to worry...tomorrow Casey Cakes & I are heading to Marco Island for the day.  I've never been and I've heard it is the bomb. There is also talk of visiting a u-pick-um Tomato farm...whatever. So stay turned for more birthday vacation shelling and festivities.  Let me know how you like the new blog layout.