Friday, November 9, 2012


This Beach Belle

The rocks

and these shells
 have in common?

The lovely beach belle is my niece Pookie.  She is not really a shelling enthusiast but she hangs around alot of people who are.  The shells she finds are collateral damage.  She's not really looking, just along for the ride really.  But she manages to score some pretty nice finds for all her ambivalence towards the hobby of shelling.

Pookie spent the day at Honeymoon Island State Park  hanging out with her mom who is a passionate sheller.  She came home with a whole box full of olives, Sunray venus Clams, & agatized coral.  What looks like ugly rocks are actually full of geode-like crystals when you break them up with a hammer.  Enter GeeGee (my mom - Pookie's grandmother) The shells and agatized coral get cleaned up and sorted.  Of couse someone has to make something.  

Ta Da!  Check out the shell awesomeness.

GeeGee took a globe she bought at a garage sale for $1 and made this
sa-weet vignette.

The cute miniature bait house was in her junk box.  She added the little seagull on top.

Here's a closer look.  GeeGee has worked her shell magic before.

It was a good day on Honeymoon Island.  Shell Kell (Pookie's mom) found a nice horse conch . The family motto - Take a kid shelling cos some day they will take you!