Monday, October 4, 2010

Life Is Just A Chair Of Bowlies

Awww, Mary Engelbreit has been sick.  I have admired her work for over 20 years. I recently started following her blog.  Mary is currently writing from her home where she is resting & recovering from a "weird form of pneumonia". Sending blessings your way Mary - get well soon.

Funny, how we are each drawn to different types of art or collectibles. Anything ME has been a passion of mine that has never waned since buying my first little card of hers years ago.  The quotes she chooses are always inspiring, her illustrations touch my soul, & her decorating style makes you want to snuggle down and never leave home.

The 1st print that captured me as a collector
I have picked up most of my ME collection from garage sales & thrift stores.  They mean even more to me when I can get them at a bargain. I had one wall in my house that I had left blank. I just didn't want to hang any ole picture there just to fill the space.  I wanted something special.
An anniversary present from the Hubbs

 Meet my little sea shelling girlie. I love her vintage swim cap and the way her little tummy pooches out as she is dumping out her bucket that is filled with Florida shells.  Mary had a vacation home on the beach just north of me. By her choice of the shells from the bucket I can tell she did a lot of beachcombing.  Notice the shell in the sand is a Junonia. It actually cost me more to frame it than the lithograph cost me including shipping. 
My "All Mary All the Time" shelf 

I have a ME shelf for all my books. Her Xmas book is the centerpiece of my holiday vignette. I get a new ME calender for Christmas every year. I give each woman in my family a ME recipe box for a wedding shower present. If my friends get a ME card they pretty much know it's from me.
I have almost every edition of Home Companion Magazine
Her expression says it all
This week I will be heading up to my storage closet to pull out all my holiday stuff and I can guarantee most of it will be ME. So, Thank you kindly  Mary for all the inspiration you have provided over the years. Every time I am shelling on Casey Key I will keep a look out for you.