Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Anticipation, anticipation Is makin' me late Is keepin' me waitin' " ~ Carly Simon lyrics from "Anticipation" or the ketchup commercial for those of you under 30

(Credit:  www.fox10tv.com)
One of the earliest tropical storms of a summer on record, Debby has been swirling around in the Gulf of Mexico and hovering over the panhandle since Saturday June 23.

The shelling vigil had begun. Every shell fanatic from Sanibel to Englewood & north to Honeymoon Island are watching the beaches for the first shells to start rolling in. This is junonia prime time folks. With Tropical Storm Debby hanging over the panhandle, SWFL is still experiencing high surf advisories & a fair amount of flooding.  Just when the sun comes out shining and it looks like a normal weather day; the wind starts gusting, the sky darkens again and another rain squall blows through. A tropical depression or storm usually blows right through and the beaches are full of shells the next morning low tide.  TS Debby has been hovering over us for 4 days now. SWFL is in shell limbo. There are eyes & ears out there watching the beaches via facebook, webcams, & Florida coastal bloggers.  When the shell word comes down we are ready to grab our shell buckets & pounce on the first pile that forms.  Here's a video I took during a shell trip to Sanibel back in August of 2010 during a tropical depression so you can see what all the storm shelling excitement is all about.