Monday, March 25, 2013

A Million Reasons To Wake Up Early

Just off the top of my head I can think of some really good reasons to get up early to watch the sunrise...

1)  Alone time because the hubby is still sleeping.  2) The world is quiet & still.  3) An early start gives me more productive time during the day.

Yup, I could give you lots of reasons to crawl out of bed for the sunrise.

Maybe even millions of reasons.

As the thunderstorm rolled across SWFL late last night, I knew I would wake up before dawn to see what had rolled in.

No need for an alarm clock or wake up app.

Just to sit on the beach and watch it wake up is reason enough.


  1. Hi, I envy you for those millions of shells... I live on a beach myself, but there are way more rocks and stones than shells. I would love to visit you and get up very early with you and then dig in those shells :))


  2. I cannot wait to get there!!! Doing a hand spring!

  3. You are the PRO! That's what my grandsons call you :)

  4. WOW - look at those shells!!! 39 more days!! woo hoo!

  5. That is just amazing! Oh how I wish I lived close enough to be on the beach at sunrise! Beautiful shells...they look so shiny and clean! Enjoy your week! I hope it's less windy tomorrow! Hugs!

  6. If I did'nt have responsibilities here I would be sleeping on your futon tonight and shellin in the morning. That is such a nice big pile, what did you find. I went to Honeymoon this afternoon and didn't find much. Such pretty pics

  7. Yeah, I could wake up to that every day.

  8. For sure, just the quality of the light and the smell in the air is enough -- but all that swag doesn't hurt either, lol. :)

  9. we don't hv shell piles like that here, I'm totally jealous.


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