Monday, January 21, 2013

Don't go away mad - just go away!

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission webpage gets updated every Friday. 
Like a drunken sailor drifting up and down the coast looking for a port to land in - the red tide algae bloom that made it's appearance on Christmas Day is still wandering aimlessly up and down the SWFL coastline.  Manasota Key was hit especially hard.  For 4 weeks now tourists, snowbirds & local beach goers have been hacking, coughing & sneezing all the while stepping over dead fish to try to get in some quality beach time. I ventured out to Blind Pass Beach on Manasota Key hoping the recent NW winds had blown the nasty stuff back out to sea.  The sun was out and the tide was low enough to make it a great day for sharks toof hunting.  The beach was clear of dead fish but there was a definite whiff of red tide in the air.  We stayed for a bit until the winds blew the bloom our way and as the hacking and coughing commenced we quickly exited the beach. I did get a handful of sharks teeth so the day wasn't a total bust.

There were shells and sharks teeth galore but the air was full of red tide so you couldn't breathe without coughing & sneezing.

Pookie found the end of a junonia shell.
Lots of sharks teeth, calico scallops & green sea glass.


  1. Whats that oval black piece next to the bottom white scallop?

  2. Beautiful calico with the orange stripes. I wish we had them up here in Dunedin, ours are sort of plain. Some day we will each have our own kayaks and bring Kimmy down and go exploring, I'm itching to breathe some fresh air.

  3. We actually had a nice eastern wind on Saturday morning last so my kids enjoyed an hour of sharks' tooth hunting before they left for tide wasn't so severe so the coughing was minimal. :)

  4. You had some good finds! Hopefully the red tide will be gone soon so you can get back to collecting, and walking the beach.

  5. Hey, I've been coughing and sneezing since before Christmas, and not a single sharks tooth lying in the ice and snow, so it sounds good to me! :)

  6. Did not realize there was a red tide. Bummer! Hope it clears soon...

  7. Good finds even with red tide. I haven't had time to hit the beach lately but all I have to do it walk outside and breathe to know red tide it out there since I'm right over the bridge to the beach. It stinks - literally!!


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