Monday, October 1, 2012

Life's At Ease With An Ocean Breeze.....

                Beach Rules

Wake up smiling!

Flip Flops are mandatory.

Feel the breeze * Wear sunscreen * Take long walks

Nap often.

Soak up the sun * Make a splash
* Hang up your towel

Watch the sunrise.

Look for seashells - duh!

Ride the waves * Kick back * Build sand castles
Be grateful for this day!

For more beachy moments & thoughts visit my Pinterest board Pinterest Board - Lead Me To the Beach.


  1. I love beach rules! I can follow these to a T!

  2. I have a little book of these kinds of rules..."How To Live At the Beach" by Sandra somebody who makes cute little drawings to go withe the rules :)
    We've just broken through the band of rains sweeping across the midwest toward the east coast. It's sunny here in Montgomery and we're about to spend the day driving through Florida to Venice :)

  3. Your little smiley faced guy is adorable. I'd be smiling if I were on the beach too.

  4. Yes, I liked the smiley faced guy,too. But I have to say that the sunrise pic is my favorite!!


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