Friday, September 21, 2012

Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. ~Ansel Adams

If it wasn't for my iPhone I would have missed an opportunity to  immortalize my Mom with the Bieber.

One tell-tale sign that you are a blogger is when you show up to a gathering of friends or family with a camera in tow, they all go scurrying for cover.  Gosh, what do they think?  I have nothing better to blog about on the world wide web than embarrassing  pictures and  anecdotes of them? Really?  I'll admit, I've dug from that ditch a few times when my creative juices were running dry or nothing was happening at the beach except a few chunks of sea pork washing in on the wrack line.  That's what boundaries are for.  And I've made some.  With them. 

 I actually have stopped carrying my digital camera to the beach.  I found I was missing the moment trying to capture it on camera.  I needed to step back and breathe some salty air and take it all in again.  But wait.... the amazing photo op is in front of me and no camera but an iPhone in my pocket taa daa!  I'm hooked on iPhone pictures.  I especially love all the photo apps like Instagram, Diptec, and Photoshop Express.  There are tons of photography apps available but I like to free ones cos "if it's foe free, it's foe me!"  My big camera still comes out on "official" blogging days but most of the pictures you see on my blog have been taken on my iPhone.  I'm not a trained photograher by any stretch.  My technique is to shoot a bunch of shots and hopefully something special will turn out .  It's just the law of probability.

My signature feet shot.  

The trees of Stump Pass State Park  are a favorite of mine.  I walk the mile out to the end of the pass every few weeks.  Depending on season, weather, & time of day my pictures always look  the same but different.  I took this one 9.16.12.  

Shell trees grow on Stump Pass.

Stump Pass is an ever changing landscape due to it's location.  There is always waves, weather, & tree roots to photograph.  Oh and shells did I mention the shells.

I was inspired by a photo taken by Capt. Brian Holaway from last April.  I have been shooting pictures of dead trees ever since.  
I took this picture on my iPhone last week on Blind Pass Beach/Manasota Key.  Since the beach is only 2 miles away spontaneous after dinner sunset jaunts are  normal for my family.  We just grab a chair and go.
Blind Pass Beach/Manasota Key taken last June during another sunset walk.
When shell piles like this show up on Blind Pass Beach/Manasota Key I almost forget to take a picture.

Sunset from Englewood Beach taken a few weeks ago.  I started watermarking my photos but if someone really wants to scrape a photo they will just crop the watermark out anyhow.  I take pictures because the beach is beautiful and I want to share it with you.

 If you don't have a smartphone you can check out my pictures on Webstagram   on your computer.    


  1. What in the world is wrong with your toe? That looks like a serious booboo.

    You always have great pics on your blog!

  2. And I sure appreciate that you take the photos to share! I am in awe of what you see from your part of the world. I never take a camera or phone on the beach. My hands are always too sandy! lol But my hubby is good about taking photos now and then! Sweet hugs from a few counties away!

  3. Fantastic photos! I love your quote too. I do understand not taking your camera with you at all times. Sometimes it is nice just to relax and enjoy the moment. It is usually when I do this that I get home and "kick myself" for not getting a photo ;-)

  4. I'd like to 'pin' a couple of your pics to Pinterest. You mention Blind Pass at Manasota Key. Are there several places named Blind Pass?

  5. Oh, you're leaving me behind in technology dust! I don't know when I'll ever be able to make a leap to the smartphone!

  6. My first time visiting here, I found you when I was looking how to drill holes in shells. I am enjoying myself wondering around your blog! I love the pictures. I always have my camera with me at the beach and I always have sandy hands too :) The one time I left it home is when we went out to watch sunset and it was cloudy at home, but we went out anyway and the brightest tallest rainbow was seen as we were walking up, and the clouds separated and was the most beautiful colors. I just got a smart phone too. I also really need to make it down to Manasota Key and Blind Pass soon.


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