Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it's always ourselves we find in the sea. - e.e. cummings

Sally Lee By the Sea is one of my daily stops in  blogville.  This seaside blog emanates all things beachy & coastal.  Get your daily fix of ocean-going  home dec, shopping, beach crafts, & travel all brought to you by mother/daughter team Marie & Liz.  I love the print boxes they are featuring today as shell displays.  In my own home I have re-used the print box/shadow boxes from my own childhood to display my best "keeper" shells on my living room wall.  A  coat of Caribbean blue spray paint gave them new life & is a nice tropical background to show off every shell & beach combing find.  

My display changes with the ebb & flow of tides of new shells, give away's, & thrifting finds.

The pride of SWFL - junonias line the top (sadly, none of which I have found). Bobbers, old bottle bottom, & a shell belle made by my mom are all considered worthy of display in the box.

Sunrise tellin (originally from the Bahamas but via a garage sale to me) & little horse conchs (aka candy corn) from SWFL beaches.

Another GeeGee (my Mom) creation - little shell critter bird in the buttercup bath.

My replica Sanibel Lighthouse stands in front of a  thrift store mirror.  It all makes for a sweet display.


  1. Chablis and I are drooling over your shell display. You are taunting us with your junonias! We both love your moms little shell critter bird. I have to get a shelf like that. So cute!

  2. I love your shelf/shadow box! I need one of those. I repurposed a CD wall shelf into a shell display. I was all GAH! over all of the cool displays on Sally Lee. Your lighthouse is cool, too! This a really sweet display Karen!

  3. how cool! Bet you don't give any of those junonias away..hhahahaha!!
    and a shell bell??? guess who that made me think of and miss??!!!!

  4. You have a lovely display of beautiful shells :-)

  5. Aren't you sweet? Thank you so much for the mention. Your displays are absolutley fabulous - a bit jealous, actually. I better get busy. lol.


  6. thanks so much for including my printer's tray!
    love your collection against the blue!
    it's great to have kept your shadow boxes since childhood.

  7. Love your display boxes!! The blue is the perfect color! The things your mother made are so cute.

  8. What a fun way to keep your memories on display!

  9. Enjoyed the peek inside your home, Karen :)

  10. Love Love Love your displays!!! You did a FABULOUS job on your visual merchandising and photos. Be still my heart- love this post.


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