Monday, January 2, 2012

"A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water." - Carl Reiner

I keep a tub full of old sheets & clothespins to protect our plants from any threats of hard frost.

BOO! Are those ghosts in my garden?  No.  This is our normal protocol in SWFL when the  mercury drops below 40 degrees.  I know that  sympathy comments for my plight will not be pouring in.  It will be more like weather poker - I'll see your 37 degrees and raise you 3 feet of snow & 5 below with the wind chill factor.  That's how it goes in paradise.  Last week I was on the beach in shorts.  Today I wore a heavy fleece jacket to walk on the beach & see what the NW winds had blown in.  

One good thing about the colder NW winds blowing  - these are the kind of goodies they blow in.


  1. Looks like our hibiscus will get nipped! Stay warm, my friend! ♥

  2. A very arty sculptural garden! And I love the way the waves whip the beach in the winter. Sigh. You're right about the winter poker -- I would LOVE to wear just one layer of fleece! I just had a warm dinner and the warm company of my grandkids and son and daughter(IL), but I sure don't enjoy the Michigan winter!

  3. We plan to bring the plants in tomorrow...tonight is supposed to be ok...just cold (to us Floridians). I was at the beach today, too. The birds were standing in the water, facing the wind...looked like a parade. There were sea gulls and two other species I did not to get my book out...

    Stay warm...

  4. Look at that gorgeous whelk you got!!! Some friends of mine were on cacyo costa with capt. brian today. They had a great time, but said it was very windy.

  5. I have a friend in Orlando and I'm always amazed at how variable the weather is there in Florida. You really have a beautiful stash of shells there. Simply lovely.


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