Sunday, January 15, 2012

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. ~George Washington Carver

My last post showed pictures of a before-sunrise beach walk on Boca Grande. This is the other half of my beach walk on the southern tip of Gasparilla State Park which is located on the island of Boca Grande.  Known for it's pristine beaches, historic resorts, & the world's biggest Tarpon tournament, I'm fortunate to have this paradise 15 minutes from where I live.  When I can't drive the 2 hours south to Sanibel Island, Boca Grande is the next best thing.

The Lighthouse is home to a collection of Boca Grande history.  The building to the right is where the park ranger lives - lucky guy!

The port of Boca Grande was established in the 1880's to support the local phosphate industry.  The remains of the port make a great sea bird sanctuary.

I'd live there if I was a bird.  The old phosphate dock  serves a useful re-purpose for the local bird population.

Looking south across the channel is where all the big Tarpon tournaments take place.

My favorite thing about early morning beach walks is the birdsong.  Listening to the beach wake up is an amazing sound.

On the beach I hear an Osprey crying out.  He/she is right above my head.

Ospreys start nesting on Boca Grande in January.  This bird has a prime spot at the edge of the pass.

Built in 1890 the Boca Grande Lighthouse has been restored and sits on one of the 3 public beaches that make up Gasparilla State Park. 


  1. I love ospreys. Have you been following the osprey-cam at Ocean's Reach on Sanibel? It's a nest-eye view, very cool to watch! Next best thing to having them overhead when I'm here in the frozen north. :)

  2. those little houses on the beach are adorable!! lovely photos too.

  3. I love the picture taken through the tree. I didn't realize that was so close to the northern tip of Cayo Costa. Another place to add to my "I want to go there" list!

  4. have brought back so many sweet sweet memories of my trip there on our sailboat a few yrs ago! Found some of my best shells there!!

  5. Hello my friend, always nice to take a visual vacation on your bolg. Love the pics!

  6. I was just talking to a friend about Boca Grande. I may be down there in March. It's closer than I thought! There appears to be some driftwood on the there always driftwood? and can it be gathered? Great pics Karen!

  7. Love your pictures, Karen. We've been to Gasparilla a few years ago... finding a lot of beautful sea shells :-) Wonderful memories...

  8. OH just spectacular Photos Karen!! How did you manage to zoom in on that Osprey way up there? I need a better camera indeed!! Thanks so much for sharing! You make me feel like I was taking that morning walk right along with you!! xxooxx Pammy

  9. I just LOVE your photos too! Great perspective! The Osprey photo is really clear! You make me want to go shellin'! :)

  10. thank you for sharing your little bit of heaven on earth with me! I'll get back to the ocean again, some day...
    Blessings! <3

  11. We were driving thru the Keys a couple weeks ago and I caught a glimpse of two Ospreys and said to my husband that I'd just seen two Eagles!
    Later in the week I learned what they were :)

  12. I love my trips to Boca Grande...usually taken with family members who come for holidays...also to see friends who live there. Highlight is always the ice cream cones at the railway stations :)


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