Wednesday, November 30, 2011

“It’s hard for me to put into words why I like the beach so much. Everything about it is renewing for me, almost like therapy...Beach Therapy” --Amy Dykens

The Hubbs was installing speakers in the living room for a surround sound so I figured  it would be a good time to make myself busy (quickly) before I got appointed the designated Gofer.  You know - Honey, can you go fer the speaker wire I forgot?  Honey, can you go fer a special screw diver I need from Home Depot?  Honey, can you go fer a Band-Aid? All the sudden despite poor tides & cool winds, it is looking like a really good shelling day. 

 I started the day on Bonita Springs & ended it with the sunset on Sanibel - Blind Pass to be exact.  The sand bar is back on the Captiva side with lots of shells.  There was also a nice shell pile on the jetty.  I got hit straight-away with a huge wave which soaked the better part of my levis & sweatshirt (I saved the camera & iPhone though) Oh well.  I'm not going home till I know that speaker project is finished.

Little Hickory 10-spot

Blind Pass on the Captiva Side aka Turner Beach


  1. Clever devices for covering a lot of ground! You must be a techno-genius...
    What? You don't want to be part of the surround sound project?...can't understand why! when my hubbs is putting things together, he always says he needs my help...he asks me to hold things for him :)

  2. Hmmmm... be a gofer OR go shell hunting??? You made a wise choice. Nice haul of shells. What, no picture of Capt. Brian?

  3. I can't help but feel a chill thinking of you wet out there in the cold wind! BRRRRR! Nice save, though!

  4. A bandaid LOL.
    I have some beach in my near future!! I promise to think of you.

  5. Love this quote. Such an inspiring saying. Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

  6. How cool to be able to use technology to share your walk on the beach

  7. I almost jumped in the car early this morning to head your way, but decided to stay home, keep the blinds closed and write a post! Yes, I did!

    It's not almost like therapy, it is therapy and it doesn't cost a dime!!!!!

    Love ya girl.

  8. Beach therapy...I love it! I had a little yesterday and felt so much better today! I love it! ♥

  9. You made a wise choice...always go for the beach therapy! In fact, I had a little of that therapy earlier today. Fantastic!


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