Saturday, November 19, 2011

“Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.” -- Michelle Held

Please forgive me for bragging but I had a hot date on Friday night.  Well, at least at my age & being married and all.... it is what I consider a hot date.  There was no fancy restaurant or movie tickets involved.  I did dress up in my best Columbia long-sleeved tee.  My dates (yes dates plural.  I told you I was bragging) showed up dressed casual as well but they brought along a cast net, 2 long-handled bait nets, & a couple of fishing poles.  These fellas know how to show a girl a good time.
This is Indian Mound Park on Lemon Bay in Englewood,  FL.  Mostly used for launching boats it's not a fancy county park but it's location on the bay is perfect for beachcombers & future marine biologists who love to walk the sea grass with their nets to see what they can find.
In the early 1900's Lemon Bay was a prime spot for fishing, mainly mullet.  The stories go that the mullet were so thick your boat would be full by the time you rowed across the bay.  They would just jump in. Not so much these days.
The boys like to run their nets gently through the sea grass and see what turns up.  It's amazing to listen to them identify the fish & sea life they scoop up.

Talk about a cheap date - these fellas even caught their own bait for fishing later on.
(Credit:  Momma Gee)
Brother Gee is a cross between Steve Irwin & Dr. Doolittle.  He sent the sheepshead packing back to the water after  the pic was taken.

(Credit:  Momma Gee)
Younger Brother Dubya caught a lady fish.  Like any younger brother he tries to keep up with Brother Gee.  The competition can get heated at times.

(Credit:  Momma Gee)
The sun had set but the darkness didn't stop us.  I brought out my Nightstick 230 lumens LED flashlight that I always keep handy in my truck.  And let me tell you what ladies, if you want to impress your man... this flashlight will do the job.  It gets all the men's attention.  It also got me the job of holding the flash light while Brother Dubya turned over rocks under the pier looking for fish to net.

(Credit:  MommaGee)
I had to receive instructions several times.  It seems the aim of my flashlight beam was less than helpful.

(Credit:  MommaGee)
Date night also included one of my besties & the boys mother MommaGee who is an amazing photographer & a celebrity in her own right.  She was the winner of Week #4 in this year's Englewood Pioneer Days photo contest.   

(Credit:  MommaGee)
Friday night live on Lemon Bay.  We can hear the strains of live music floating over from the cafes on Dearborn St but we are pretty content right here.


  1. You're dates sure are handsome young fellas. They know how to work a net too ;-)

  2. Handsome dudes, your dates. I have a couple more for ya, come December.

  3. Very handsome dates indeed! You are one fun lady! Bet they love you. I'm jealous of flip-flops in November....

  4. They are a couple of cuties, and I bet they are a blast to hang out with! Looks like a great date night!

  5. What happy times! I love your wonderful photos...I sure miss my boys this week! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, my friend! ♥

  6. Hi Lady!!
    here lately i've been wearing a LOT of green..
    the shade of jealousy..
    combined with the hue ENVY..
    nah just joking..
    I'm remembering just a week or so ago..
    I too was wading in the gulf waters..
    searching for sea shells and sand dollars..
    your dates are perfect..
    and obviously they are learning at an early age..
    the key to a Lady's heart!!
    warm sandy hugs..
    ps.. thanks for stopping by and leaving the gracious comment!!

  7. Looks like it was a wonderful date night.


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