Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while. ~Kin Hubbard

Rain, rain go away. I would have gone to the beach  but alas showers today & tomorrow thanks to our final storm of the 2011 hurricane season.   I've been staring out the window most of the day at the rain drizzling down.  Well, I did move to the porch to change my view for a few hours.  I love the rain but sometimes it just makes my brain all mushy.  I just want to sit & listen to the drops pelt the roof & trees.  Even reading is hard for me.  I am fighting the urge to roll-up like a burrito in my softest blankie & veg out in front of the tv. Now I did think of some fun and somewhat productive things to do on a rainy day in SWFL.

(Credit:  Capt. Brian Hollaway)
Organize your shells

Get a spray tan

Make yummy food that looks like sea creatures

Watch old Shark Week shows from Animal Planet on demand.  Do these teeth look  odd to you too?

Work on my Halloween costume

(CREDIT: Jeff Hindman)
After the rain, I can go out & see if anything interesting has washed up on the beach.


  1. Ha ha - I love this post (and that tan!!). I love listening to the rain, but must admit I too get a little 'mushy brained' after too long. We are just coming up to our wet/cyclone season and am not looking forward to it. Do you think those shark would be more gentle with teeth like that??!! I think they look scarier :)

  2. Oh, you got me! When I saw that first picture I thought to myself "OMG, her porch looks just as good as Capt. Brians!" Well, no wonder! Anyway, Missy, why aren't you working on your mermaid picture??

  3. I have an idea! Lets all go to Capt. Brian's and tell stories while we organize shells:)

  4. A fun post! I really love the animated photo of the rain. Cool ;-)

  5. Then we can go to Pam's!..... and tell stories and organize her shells too.... cause she is very messy and unorganized.

  6. Those sharks do look so weird...where on Earth did you find them???

  7. That quote made me laugh...gosh, if my husband & his family didn't talk about the weather they wouldn't have anything to say to each other!! There are all obsessed with the weather!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  8. Ooooh!! When will we get together to organize shells? I'm on that one! Hope all is well~


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