Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mobile Blogging Day #1

Shelled 3 beaches on Sanibel braving thunderstorms, stinging seaweed, & caintseeum's.Blind Pass at 7am
Ran into Sanibel Shell Ambassadors Pam & Clark of


  1. What an amazing shot with all the shells! We were there about a month ago and found a spot kinda like this {with not quite as many shells} at Blind Pass. So are the cantseeum's the little gnat-like insects that bite? If so, we would get bombbarded every evening! Now I know why everyone down there has screened-in porches!

  2. Two little cuties going down the road...

  3. All those shells ! Wow.... My goal is to make my first trip to Sanibel before this year is out. : ) Also, I am so very anxious to see the mermaid you "teased" us with a while back :) How is that coming along? Have a blessed day.

  4. I thought I recognized Pam's pretty face! I hope the thunderstorms are bringing in the good shells for you.

  5. Saawweeet mobile blogging! It was so good to see you and to meet Lil Shorty. After high tailing it off the beach with that storm looming, we never got a drop of rain here. We could have hung out a little longer. Oh well, better safe than sorry.


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