Saturday, August 13, 2011

If you don't have a dream, how can you have a dream come true? - Jiminy Cricket

 Englewood shop owner Carrie Greus sells seashells by the seashore (or Lemon Bay to be exact). She also sells lovely jewelry, home decor, & handmade clothing inspired by her love for all things vintage and beachy. The  sign on top of her downtown shop on Historic Dearborn Street says Abundant Treasures but her shop window that is decorated with the flair of a NYC Macy's window designer further declares Coastal Shabby Chic. Carrie loves to arrange a new display in her shop window every few weeks to showcase the treasures she sells in her store for the shoppers & lookie loo's to enjoy as they meander by. Nose prints on her front window are not a nuisance but a compliment to her.

Carrie had been working as an event planner for a large county club.  She loves putting her special touch on parties, weddings, & any celebration but she had always dreamed of having her own business.  An unexpected injury brought Carrie's life to a screeching halt. Life became a crazy mess of doctors, unemployment, & "what the heck am I going to do now's?". Her trust in God & her faith in the dreams she still had in her heart were the anchor in that storm.  The opportunity to buy her business came along & after a few more twists and turns her dream became a reality.

These last few months have been filled with all the glamorous tasks that any new retailer has in starting up a new shop - inventories, rearranging, training new staff (her mom), & going on her first buying trip.  But it is all a labor of love and Carrie gets much satisfaction from knowing that her Heavenly Father answers prayer & dreams do come true. Abundant Treasures is located at 409 W. Dearborn Street in the historic downtown district of Englewood, Florida. Summer hours are Thursday - Saturday from 10am - 4:30pm. Starting Oct 1st season hours will be Monday - Saturday from 10am - 5pm.
The Abundant Treasure's shop window is the canvas that shop owner Carrie Greus creates her artistic displays on.

Classic beach blue & white
A recycled door displays quotes to express your inner beachcomber
Inspired by coral - this white & red necklace would look great with any sundress and tan

Carrie loves colorful jewelry and offers lots of vibrant choices

Carrie topped her vintage apron vignette with a nice pop of pink from a parasol she brought back from a trip she took to China

Inspired by grandma's comfy afghan's these hand-crotchet baby clothes are made locally
Let there be Bling!

Abundant Treasures has a large selection of vintage-like Christmas ornaments

A hand-blown seahorse ornament hangs in the front window

Best of the beach and the chippy paint world - coastal shabby chic

Abundant Treasures Owner Carrie Greus is a self-professed "frustrated Macy's window designer". Carrie can be reached at 941.460.8126.
Abundant Treasures is on Historic Dearborn Street in Englewood, Florida. The retailers on the street are gearing up for the highlight of the summer social season Englewood Pioneer Days. The festivities start on Sept 1 & culminate with the lively downtown parade on Sept 5th.


  1. Carrie has a beautiful shop! The mermaid statue is absolutely gorgeous! Great post Kaybe! This is a great way to explore Englewood before I visit in the future. I hope it's in the near future :D

    Now, about my shell you know what kind of shell it is? I left a follow up comment on my post with my guess as to its origin. If you know or find out, please let me know! I'm going to go try some Googling. I have an idea!

  2. Okay, I have the answer. It's a Codakia Tigrena Shell that has been polished.

  3. Very nice piece on Carrie's shop...I'll have to come see it sometime...

  4. Della... are you out there.. we are going to this shop!!!
    Fabulous post!
    Thank you!!!

  5. I know where I will be stopping next time i'm in englewood. I love the mermaid.


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