Monday, May 30, 2011

Keep Calm & Get Your Beach Cart On !

Loaded up for a day @ the beach.  Who's gonna carry all this stuff?

It is very common to overhear a conversation between vacationers on the beach discussing the fantasy of how awesome it would be to live on the beach one day.  We've all had those conversations.  Funny thing is, once you do live here weeks can pass without a day at the beach.  Work, family commitments, rainy weather & lack of leg shaving can all prevent that spontaneous quick trip to the beach.

  I can always tell the newcomers from the beach old timers. The locals are the people who arrive at the beach loaded up like a pack mule.  They know how the tropical sunny conditions can turn on you quickly without the proper shade & hydration.  Choices have to be made as to what to bring with carrying it all on & off the beach in mind.

My bare minimum list would be:   chair
                                                   bottle of water
That's about all I can carry by myself. That was until I got the best Christmas present ever this year from my hubby - THE WONDER WHEELER.

The Rio Wonder Wheeler beach cart
Now I can practically camp on the beach.  I can load my Wonder Wheeler beach cart up with all the extra things that make a day at the beach even more enjoyable. My small cooler filled with ice cold drinks & snacks fits perfectly on the bottom.  My umbrella & sharks tooth shovel slide into a pocket on the side.  As many as 4 chairs slide over the bar on the front. Beach bag with sunscreen, camera, cell phone, hat, baggies for shells, shell bucket, noodles, & OPS (other people's stuff) go into the mesh holder.
The perfect spot on Gasparilla Island State Park on Boca Grande

All the comforts of home

The wonder wheeler travels easily over hard or soft sand due to the wide back wheels.  The entire beach quiets & stares in wonderment as I pass by with my loaded beach cart. The sight of the Wonder Wheeler is an"ah ha" moment for most loaded down beach-goers the first time they see one.  They usually amble by for a closer look followed by the inevitable "Where did you get it?". I patiently answer their questions knowing that I am making the beach a better place one wonder wheeler at a time.  Finally, after a day of shelling & sharks tooth hunting, floating with the noodle, chilling in my chair under a nice shady umbrella it's time to make my way off the beach & go home all made easier by my new beach buddy Mr. Wonder Wheeler. 
Power noodling on Boca Grande

 Credit: Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea


  1. Oh, Simone's image is perfect for this post!

    I LOVE my Wonder Wheeler, how did we go for so many years without one? They are the coolest thing for the beach ever.

    Love ya

  2. It's the best! I now bring things I don't even need- just because I can!! love it!

  3. Wonder wheeler wonderful!! I'm headed to FL tomorrow. Can't wait to jump into the sea!

  4. What a handy little cart! I may have to invest in one of them.

  5. I live very close to the beach but I feel like it's been ages since I've really been to the beach! Your pictures are making me want to take a day and relax on the sand and in water.
    Your Wonder Wheeler is wonderful.

  6. What a perfect present from your hubby! The Wonder Wheeler looks sooo cool!

    By the way: Thanks for finding me and leave your comments, Karen! I'm back home in Germany now, but it was so great to be on the Gulf coast again... very relaxed. Can't wait to come back to FL!! In the meanwhile I'm dreaming of how awesome it would be to live on the beach one day *lol*

  7. Thank God for Shellbelle! I can post comments on your blog now!!! WooHoo!

    I want a Wonder Wheeler! and my 50 cent shark tooth tour! I'll look for you on the beach if I'm ever in Englewood!

  8. What a great gift! My sons live at the beach in San Diego and carry everything on a cart on the back of their bikes...but I love your cart!

  9. I'm your newest follower! I'm discovering beachy blogs and so happy!! LOL! The Wonder Wheeler is VERY cool -- I saw some carts similar to this being sold at a state fair last year and really wanted one. But just couldn't think of what I'd use it for. I might just have to pick one up next year if they still have them. :)



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