Thursday, December 9, 2010

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

The holiday season is in full force throughout the blogging world. I have seen lots of traditional trees, coastal Christmas, vintage decorations, country tablescapes but I have seen nothing even remotely  close to my friend Roseanne's house. You might say Roseanne's personal style  is "more is more". She loves anything bling bling, sparkly,  black, & animal print especially zebra...oh yeah and it must be on sale. 

Roseanne is a professional when it comes to bargain hunting. You can find her at Bealls on Monday's & Ross on Tuesday's  when they have the best discounts for woman of a certain age. She loves to go to the auction on Thursday. Friday & Saturday are for garage sale-ing.
The birthday girl
Roseanne is also the biggest giver you will ever meet. Most of her shopping and bargain hunting is not for herself but for others. Roseanne is one of those rare people that still sends cards via snail mail. She remembers the birthdays of even casual acquaintances of which she has many. As an ordained Pastor Roseanne spends time each week visiting women in our local jail and she also mentors young girls in a group home for pregnant teens. She loves big and gives big.

Years ago as the owner of an antique/collectible store in Indiana, Roseanne began collecting Austin statues and Patrick Nagel prints. Her home is always a beautiful display of all the things she treasures but Christmas is prime time for Roseanne. 
The entryway - Come on! Black Christmas trees

Zebra, zebra, and more zebra
These two cuties are ready to Shop till they drop
Glamorous black & silver
All the tree needs now are the presents
After much searching Roseanne found the perfect color red couch and of course she got it on sale.
Stockings for every grandchild
Elegant dining room
Nothing says Merry Christmas like silver sparkles
Whats not to love?


  1. Wow - She has a amazingly decorated house. And I love your intro. Especially considering that I LOVE all things Chanel - particularly the shoes and purses!! :)

  2. She has style! My neighbor also uses black, red, and silver...but she is a minimalist. And it all looks wonderful (especially my paintings :-) )

    I am intrigued with your comment on Tampa's Christmas Eve...My family (Hispanic descent) usually celebrates together on Christmas day...or like this year, the day after.But it's a REAL spread...American, Cuban, and with even a little Italian thrown in.It's a feast/
    (And for the soup...cabbage can be left out. But I think it adds a lot of body...and an interesting flavor. I often just throw in a preshredded bag of cabbage slaw, to make it EASY)
    Have a wonderful weekend...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  3. Those sparkle trees on the table are very fun. I don't think I've seen zebra print included in holiday decorations before. It's quite fun.

  4. I just love to see other people express their own style for the holidays. Makes for a lot of fun around blogland these days.

  5. Wowza, that's knox-your-sox-off wowza! Lots to look at, lots to talk about...great conversation starters for a party!

  6. What an awesome review!!! ;) Beautiful home!! Merry Christmas!!! Let it shine and glitter!!

  7. Oh wow, go Roseanne! What a wonderful woman. Her bling factor suits her generous personality. More is more. Love taking a peak inside her wonderful world. Love the Chanel quote too. Pruxxx


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