Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shift Happens

When one lives in Florida it can be a challenge to get into the holiday spirit especially if you are a transplant from the north. I am a native-born Florida cracker so my holiday spirit has never been attached to snow. But the holidays are something I start dreading around August - September. The thought of shopping, cooking, mailing, decorating, baking, spending....aaahhhh! I usually am in a Cracker Barrel that already has 7 Christmas trees up and the Alan Jackson Christmas CD is blaring full blast and it dawns on me..yee gads it's coming again. Then I forget about it and Autumn rolls around. 

 The big box home improvement store I work for can't be outdone by Cracker Barrel so we put the Christmas stuff out right along  with the Halloween decorations  so there is a big honking witch cackling away on aisle 24 with Santa ho ho ho-ing out of the big blow-up snow globe right across the aisle.  It's confusing.

 But something magical happens to me on the day before Thanksgiving. I usually go to my storage to get all my Christmas tubs because I commence the decorating on Thanksgiving night while everyone is passed out from tryptophan/carbohydrate overload.  The attitude of gratitude from Thanksgiving has washed away all my commiserating about the hustle bustle of Christmas and I just shift over in to MERRY CHRISTMAS-mode.  So today my day was filled with the usual pre-festivity errands and shopping.  I stopped by to see Brandi from The Shell Shop.  She was putting out the Christmas shell ornaments in her shop
Pretty Murex - love the touch of rose

Sparkly Scallop
Brandi had just made these before I got there
These cuties are made from sea biscuits

The star of the show
Brandi said these were made by a  92  yo woman who recently went into a nursing home. Bless her darlin heart - aren't they just gorgeous.

Across the street from Brandi's shop is another cute coastal gift shop called Beach Road Boutique.  The owner was nice enough to let me take some pics of this shellicious topiary that was out front. I'll be telling you some more about this shop soon. It was packed with beautiful things from the sea.
Shellicious topiary made by local artist Gail Rogers in front of Beach Road Boutique 1350 Beach Road in Englewood, Florida.

If you want to really bling out your coastal Christmas Bealls Department Store is one stop shopping. Anytime I need something glitzy or sparkly I head straight to Bealls. I've never been let down and it's usually 40% off. 
Dr. Seuss meets the beach
Love love white trees but would never happen at my house
So let's get this party started. Have a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving.  Come back on Friday for my 1st Linky Party to share your Christmas shell ornaments or any coastal-beachy ornaments for that matter.. I wish I had a nice way to close but my mom GeeGee just discovered she thawed out chili not her fresh pureed pumpkin so it seems I have a pumpkin crisis of sorts to attend to. And to all a good night.


  1. Gorgeous ornaments. Cant wait to see your tree!

  2. I will be posting my ornaments I made tonight!! Can't wait. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm lovin' that topiary, might need to make a few more shelling trips. I'm going to Dunedin next weekend, hopefully Honeymoon will provide a few more treasures.

    So, did GeeGee opt for a chili pie or what? lol

  4. Some beautiful pictures, thanks so much for sharing. Such a different view here in Texas. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. I live in Florida and I love shells but I've never altered them! I may have to give it a try to make some cute ornies! I love Beall's, too! ♥

  6. Oh My Goodness! Thanks so much Karen! Love all the ornament ideas, cant wait til my mom gets here!We are goin to fan so much fun, Im headin to the dollar store for some Glitter and supplies...So excited!


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