Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. ~Graycie Harmon

Let me introduce you to my mom. This is GeeGee.  We follow that long southern tradition of calling our grandmothers something odd. Her mother - my grandmother was called Other Mama.  My mother acquired her grandma- handle because the first born grandchild could not say Grandma Ginny and she would call for GeeGee
Don't let the sweet smile fool you.

 No one in our family calls her by her given name which is Virginia. She is known on her side of the family as Aunt Tootsie (pronounced Ain't Toooot-say). GeeGee comes from a long line of crafty women - crafty in a nice way (most of them) Her mother was a florist, tatted (not inked for you youngin's) and crocheted, and off the subject could out fish any man. 

 GeeGee's Aunt Annabelle was the first woman in Clearwater in the 1940's to have her paintings shown in a "real" gallery.  Aunt Annabelle was a shell crafter as well. All my sisters either collect something, grow something, or make something. Over the years my mother still has it - you know the "touch".  It just takes her longer and she is slightly indecisive. I like to say "she pole vaults over mouse poo". 

Her Xmas display

My mom's idea of an all natural b-day cake when I wasn't eating sugar - Macadamia cookie crust, a layer of cheese cake, fresh fruit drizzled with apricot jam

We are heading to North Florida on Saturday  for the social event of the fall season in our family - my cousin's 25th wedding anniversary.  We are all giving them some cash for a trip they are taking.  I saw this  candle display vase on sale at Ross and had a brilliant idea.  My Mom & I can make them a keepsake gift together! That's easy, right?

$7.99 at Ross - Sweet deal.

We have already had 3 discussions on the type of sand for the bottom.  She wants store-bought sand because it is "sterile". I want to use crushed shells from the beach (which I will wash to get any critters out).  She wants this big plastic gull. I have 3 little sweet gulls that I want to mount on driftwood. The discussions have ended for the evening. She took her crossword puzzle and gave me the look. I think we just need to sleep on it.

Yikes - blue sand.

The 1st of many craft tubs to appear from under GeeGee's bed
Stay tuned for the ongoing saga of My mom, my craft, my goodness what was I thinking.
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  1. I would love to meet GeeGee...she sounds like such a fun person to know. I cannot wait to see what the two of you decide to do with the candle holder.
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  2. You and your mom are too cute for words!!! Glad you so enjoy each other's company :)

  3. Can I stop giggling now?? What a fun collaboration with your pretty mom; that's gonna be some creation.

  4. Very cute post....I read the part two one first - I should have read this one first!! I am chuckling about the sand. It came out great. Have a wonderful trip!


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