Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm just saying....

This was the vehicle in front of my parking space at the beach today

Come on! 

My finds from Manasota Key Beach tonight.

(added 9/20/10) This is the jar I'm filling up with shark's teeth.  It's about an 1 1/2" deep. It took me a month the fill it this far.

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  1. You can't get away with a front plate like that here in California. They want your actual license on the front and back of your vehicle.
    You found more in one night than we did during our entire week. I'm not sure why there wasn't much this time. We usually go to the beach further north and find far more sea shells and such.
    What are those, btw? Some of them look like shark teeth.

  2. maybe they thought they needed a license to shell?

  3. Love the license plate... although there is no way my husband would let me put that on my car!!! Those are great those shark teeth. Very many sharks would those teeth fit? I am so curious - what do they fall out and then just wash onshore? I am going to look that up!!! Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. OMG I've never seen so many shark teeth. (I'm having visions of one poor shark roaming around with no teeth!!) Not sure what to think about the car number plate though, interesting :)

  5. What do you do with all your sharks' teeth? By now you must have hundreds!!!! Do you make jewelry from them...or sell them to jewelers?

  6. Becky>I'll have to post a pic of my big jar I am filling up with shark's teeth. I am using some for some crafts. I do give a fair amount away but I believe that's why I find so many. The Englewood beaches are especially good for teeth. I work 50 hours a week so I'm not always piddling around on the beach but if I leave work at 6pm I can make it out in 30 mins and catch the sunset. I call it shark's tooth therapy. Email me when you are in town.

  7. I think that is more shark teeth in a month then I have found in my lifetime.


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