Monday, August 9, 2010

Too many shells...not possible

The Essential Beachcomber will be taking the basket & the shovel but her outfit will probably be from Columbia Sportswear (great pockets)
I feel like a little kid counting down the days before Christmas. In 2 more days I'll be heading south to Sanibel for a shelling day. I keep looking at the tide charts & google maps mentally scoping out the best plan of attack.  Shelling might be random for some and it is for me most of the time. A trip to Sanibel is way too precious to waste any time wandering aimlessly.

 It is an hour south to Ft. Myers then another hour out to the island including my stop at the McDonald's on exit 170 for a large  $1.00 unsweetened tea with 5 Splendas & a lemon in the big foam cup that stays cold all day. I've already synchronized our alarm clocks and have a list for what will go in the back of the truck the night before. I hate it when work interrupts my beach combing :)

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  1. I am so excited! I get to be the first person to follow you and I get to leave the first comment on your very first post! However, I am so jealous that you are going shelling in Sanibel!

    The vintage photo of a young sheller with her grandma is priceless. Her little sundress is adorable. Brings back memories of shelling with my grandmother and my mother.

    Welcome to Blogland, it's about time!


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