Monday, August 23, 2010

I Heart Tervis Tumbler

Tervis Tumbler Store @ 928 Tamiami Trail in Osprey, Florida
Tervis tumblers are the coolest glasses ever! They are insulated so cold stays cold & doesn't sweat everywhere.Hot stays hot but the cup is insulated so it doesn't burn your hand. 

 They come in a myriad of different sizes and styles.I have a Gator Tervis, a "K" Tervis, a Tervis with 3 little beach cabanas on the front, 2 Gator Tervis coffee cups & a very cool shell Tervis that is missing at the moment.  

Tervis gives you a lifetime warranty. Just bring/mail back to their headquarters in Osprey, Florida and they will replace it at no charge. They have replaced 2 for me thus far. One I dropped at work on the concrete floor and the inside thermal/insulated thingy popped out like a rocket. The other one cracked somehow. No one will fess up. Not to worry, both have been replaced with nice shiny new ones courtesy of their lifetime warranty.

My niece Pookie & I went to a benefit garage sale @ the Tervis store on Sunday. They are raising money for a co-worker to help pay for her cancer treatment. Gotta love a company that sticks together like that.

 Off we went.

errrkk (braking noise) I skid to a stop for signs like these.
The grass by the parking lot had lots of tables with several vendors.We got there kinda late for a garage sale - 11 am. I managed to finds a few things but the real action was inside the back warehouse.
Mostly 25/50 cent stuff

I'm always looking for glassware to show off my shells
The back warehouse was packed with tables full of nice clothes that were a $1.. for a bagful. We found Chico & some other goodies. They also had a wheel that you could buy a spin for free Tervis goodies. Pookie won us some Tervis Straws,  a to-go lid for a cup (usually $3.99), & a 20% off coupon.
The Warehouse
Since Pookie won us a 20% off coupon for the actual store....well we had to go take a look.
Wheel....of.... TERVIS!
Look at Tervis' new line of shell cute. This 12oz glass is my favorite.  Perfect for coffee or hot tea in the winter. It fits perfect in my truck's cup-holder too. The lid never dribbles on you except if you are wearing white...go figure.
My birthday is in 6 months hint hint
And they are pink even better.

Pookie loves coca cola. Her grandma has a collection.
Disregard the crazy eyes and look at the ice bucket with SHARK'S TEETH! Tervis will customize all their products.
Posted by PicasaSo we had lots of fun. We left with a bag of good stuff from the garage sale and yes, I did use the 20% off coupon & got a few things in the store.  My family knows one thing about me. If you are borrowing a glass for a to-go drink for the ride home you can have anything of mine you want in the cabinet except stay away from my Tervis Tumblers.


  1. What a nice thing to do. I like those tumblers too! Very cute.

  2. I've never heard of Tervis tumblers...will keep my eyes open in the future once I get back to Florida...

  3. Love my Tervis tumblers, but I didn't know you could get lids! Perfect for constant glass of ice tea — no coaster needed.

  4. OK now I'm going to be looking for Tervis Tumblers you have me sold!!!


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