Say It With Junonias

When you need to tell that special someone I Love You, commercials have urged us to "Say it with Flowers". What woman doesn't enjoy getting flowers from her honey especially if they take the Walmart sticker off first. (my hubby's last faux pas).  Most hubands & boyfriends struggle when it comes to that special gift for their beloved. I know for me it's never about the cost of a gift. It is the amount of thought put into the gift. And who doesn't love those spontaneous gifts that have nothing to do with our birthday, anniversary, or Christmas.
Ken & Jody just moved to Florida from Ohio

Meet Ken & Jody.  They moved from cold & snowy Ohio because they love the beach. They were in Florida exactly one week still house & job hunting when Ken found a "pretty shell" on the beach. He was out by Sharky's on Venice Beach swimming on the sandbar and found a "pretty shell" while he was digging in the sandbar.  Ken gave it to Jody because she loves the beach, she loves shells & she loves Ken for bringing her the "pretty shell". End of story.
Sharky's beach by the Venice fishing pier

 Not.  I meet Jody and we are having some friendly conversation. Her family is new at my church so we were just chit-chatting about things - family, weather, and oh you like the beach too. I show Jody the Sanibel vacation pictures on my phone. Jody sees the picture of my friend Rhonda (Shellbelle) holding a junonia in a store  (not one she found). Jody says "What's that one called? I have one of those". 

Now, I'm remaining polite because I'm thinking - No Way - you do not.  You are from Ohio. You just moved here. You have to pay some dues for one of these babies! I calmly say "Are you sure? Because only 1 out of every 1,000 shellers ever find one. I have been looking for 20 years and have not found one". I'm thinking she confused it with an alphabet cone or something else brown & speckled. "No I have one just like that" Jody says. Well she does and it is a beautiful specimen.
Jody with her prized Junonia  (now that she knows it's more than a "pretty shell")
An almost perfect shell. A tiny bit of the tip is gone.
The colors are not faded at all. Just beautiful.

So here's to all the Ken's in the world who find a "pretty shell" and give it as a token of their love to their wife. Yes, I went to Sanibel on Monday. I had just worked 7 days straight. I got home at 10pm Sunday night and set my alarm for 3:30 am. I drove 2 hours south in the 41 degree freezing cold to Blind Pass on Captive to the shell pile. I hit the beach before sunrise with a flashlight to see what I could find. Now,  to all the shell rookies of the world - this is how it's done. I found a junonia....piece.  Some of us get them all at once.  Others of us get ours one piece at a time.

My Junonia


  1. Rasher frasher! She snag one when we've been sifting, digging, stooping and getting out tennies wet stopping at the beach on our way to work for years... and have never found one. Ha! Lucky girl! Congrats Jody!!

  2. Great story-telling, Karen! Stories are best when they're true, too.

    Hope you get your whole junonia one of these days...

  3. What a GREAT story! First, Welcome to Florida Ken and Jody! Secondly, I can't believe they have already acquired a Junonia! Is that beginner's luck or what?

    And finally, that photo of your pathetic, I mean pretty piece of Junonia just cracked me up! Hang in there girl, you're day will come. It will be after mine, of course, but it will come.

  4. So, I guess it's like hitting a hole in one in golf. Many people play but only some get lucky. And don't let anyone tell you any different. It's all luck.

  5. Great story! I love the way you think and write!
    When I go shelling I have a little talk with God. I give Him a list of things I would like to find that day, and I expect them to just wash right up by my feet. He laughs, I look, He keeps laughing . . . I rarely find what was on my list, but there is usually one spectacular shell just to let me know He's there, and who's in charge!! I'm sure there is a Junonia out there with you name on it, can't wait to hear about it when it is delivered to you !!

  6. What a story!! I'll have to keep my eyes open whenever I am lucky enough to be found shelling on the lovely beaches of Florida!!

  7. LOL! What a cute story, Kaybe! Jody is one lucky girl! Wow! Well....maybe you'll find enough pieces to glue them all together to make a whole shell.....? lol! Better luck tomorrow....but dress warm!!!! :)

    xoox laurie

  8. Oh it will be a happy day indeed when you find your whole Junonia ;) Happy hunting and stay warm will ya!!!

  9. Very funny. Your day will come!!!!! Mine will too. I have faith!!

  10. WOW! One lucky lady and she didn't even know it! I'll keep looking though....
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm following you now!!

  11. What an awesome blog. We met you today at the VA clinic. Inspired by you to get out and look for treasure. It is all around us. In the air, on the beach, on the water. Like going fishing, if you catch fish, it's all extra. Just walking on the beach, listening to the waves, smelling the ocean, and feeling the spray and the breeze, if you find a beautiful treasure, it is all extra. The ocean is so healing. The waves are like the beating of our hearts and the breaths we take. The ocean has takes a sighing breath and sends an extra large wave about every ten waves, just as our lungs take a long cleansing breath and we don't even realize it. God is in total control of every gigantic thing down to the most miniscual. The magnifigance we see in the largest mountain down to the deepest depths of the ocean down to an atom is no less a miracle in the whole scope of life. Than you for brightening our day with your adventures!!!


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