Shellbelle Shells Seashells by the Seashore

I always get the feeling that people think I am exaggerating when I tell my famous Christmas Eve shell pile story. My friend Rhonda (aka Shellbelle) came to Venice, Florida to spend the holiday with me & my family. We just popped out the the North Jetty in Nokomis for the view and to walk off some pre-Christmas day baking we had been testing out and there it was.....the most humongous pile of shells ever.

It was not that cold for a December afternoon. The surf was whacking us pretty good...yeah we were soaked. The shells were all the goodies - murexes, tulips, horse conchs, and more. The sun was going down and it dawned on me I had to get home to light the luminaries for Christmas Eve in my front yard. It was a neighborhood thing. Let's see... stay and shell or be the only house that was dark...oh the pressure.
We got back home in time to light the candles (barely) and we had a couple of buckets of the most amazing shells ever. Small problem - some had live crabs and Rhonda wanted me to drive her back to the jetty to save their little crab lives (ulterior motives?) I never go to the jetty that I don't remember us digging through that huge shell pile.
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  1. I will never forget that day. You're right, it was the biggest pile of shells either of us had ever seen and we've never seen anything come close since!

    So many fond memories of shelling with you my dear, sweet friend. Too bad we didn't have a camera with us that day on Honeymoon Island when we saw the sunset in the West and the moonrise to the East.

    Love ya girl, I'm so glad you're here!

  2. There's just nothing like stumbling across a huge shell pile! :) Loved your story!

  3. Wow - this is amazing. Was this a one time thing - or does this area have shells like this regularly? I am a shell fanatic. I love all kinds of shells. Just got back from a fabulous shelling weekend in Sanibel. I found your blog from Shellbelle so I'm your newest follower!!!

  4. Hi Karen
    I just came over from Rnonda's blog to say "hi". I am her english blogging friend Lindsay. I have been over to Florida twice and I love it there. I really enjoyed your amazing Christmas Eve Shell pile story. Loved the beautiful pictures too. Wish I was there right now.

  5. You must have felt like you'd found the mother lode! And so nice that you shared the moment (& now, the memory) with a sweet friend :-)


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